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TRB DEFENCE MANUFACTURING BERHAD is a local Bumiputera company specializing in design, production and supply of advanced safety solutions for law-enforcement personnel as well as other entities concerned about their personnel safety.

Our products are not only widely recognized by civil testing
organizations, but also authoritative international testing agency. “High quality, competitive price and fast delivery” is our guarantee for our products.

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To be Recognized as the Preferred Personal Protective Equipment Partner for all uniformed servicemen.


To protect and preserve the lives of law enforcement from threats by providing state of the art safety solutions.

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TRB DEFENCE MANUFACTURING BERHAD (TRB)  is a Malaysian homegrown  organisation specialising in the design, production and supply of advanced safety solutions primarily for law-enforcement personnel, associated uniformed services both on the domestic and international front.


TRB is helmed by a  founder,  who had a vision to design, develop and manufacture personal protective equipment, with the main aim of preserving the health and lives of our clients from potential threats. He is an individual with extensive experience and know how in the  personal protective equipment industry.


Our team compromises of personnel with a myriad of expertise from the industrial and manufacturing sector. They are a diverse group of  people with backgrounds in engineering, 3D design, ballistics and marketing.


At TRB, we are defined by our keen attention to detail and innovative nature. This allows us to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients by conducting continues improvement initiatives to ensure that we are always able to meet current and anticipate future needs.

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TRB main purpose is to support  Law Enforcement and associated uniformed services to accomplish the mission set out for them in a safe and protected manner.


We do so by designing, developing and manufacturing innovative specialised personal protection, created with the purpose of preserving the lives of our clients from potential threats.


All our bullet resistant vests not only meet international performance and industry quality standards, they have also undergone rigorous assessments by both civil testing organisations and international testing agencies thus, guaranteeing optimal performance. In addition TRB products are also certified by such global industry standard bodies as the NIJ (National Institute of Justice).

When you make a purchase with TRB, our products are backed by our team who understands your profession, your industry and your safety requirements. When purchasing our  world standard personal protective equipment, you not only have access to a high-quality product, but also access to the global technical expertise and experience of TRB.

Our promise is to provide you with a product that is:

  • High in Quality

  • Competitive in  Pricing

  • Delivered on schedule


That’s the TRB Global guarantee

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We want you! Build a productivity with the latest time keeping with us. To setup an appointment, please call +603-8740 0606 for details.

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